Friday, May 27, 2016

What? No I'm Not Done Teaching! There Are 4 days Left!

Wow!! What a week, a great week.  I know the perception is that teachers stop teaching at the end of the year, but ask your children if that are true!  They had better say NO!!! We started our week on Monday with R day read around the room.  We read on devices, in our book boxes, in the pod, with other classes, with our buddies and well, everywhere!  We also front loaded all the skills for this week and new spelling topic, which we rocked out both tests today with AWESOMENESS!! That was just Monday! 

On Tuesday we watched the big kids amaze us with patriotism in their All About Indiana Musicale!  It was awesome, a lot of facts from our Indiana social studies unit were recognized and we felt super smart!  It was S day and we had a Science experiment day.  Since we talked about the Wright Brothers all week and the importance of the inventions we have like the airplane, we had a paper airplane challenge.  We learned about paper airplanes and how to experiment to make them better.  We also created blueprints for a personal flying device.  We were being visionaries, just like Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Graham Bell, The Wright Brothers, and Thomas Edison.  Are you tired yet? I am just from telling you about 2 days this week.  

On Wednesday we started out T day with twins and triples day.  We worked more on our flying invention blue prints, started and amazing writing project on Google Slides and did some collaborative idea churning to remember all the awesome things we have done in first grade since August. 

 On Thursday we had U day and used books came in to be donated!  We read for almost 45 min. playing Musical books, we would read, evaluate, rate and then start over.  When we stopped they were like,"NO”!!!!"  Did I mention we were just reading used books, apparently this idea goes back on the countdown next year, and it was one of my favorite days so far. We also visited the Wax Museum of Mrs. Aldred's 5th grade class!  If you have not heard about this ask your child, it was so COOOOOL!

 So now we get to today.  Well... We started at 8:30 with the spelling and the reading test, as soon as we finished we high tailed it to 2nd grade for V Day, visit a real live 2nd grade classroom.  Mrs. B had her students share their bare books, their research writing and how 2nd grade works.  Then we came to the classroom sat down and started our Farm Bureau lesson!! We first planted flowers that keep away mosquitoes and attract honey bees, we learned about the honey bees last month. Then we created bird feeders to help our animals in their back yard habitats.  Next we reviewed the 5 food groups on a high five hand then got our newest Agriculture Magazine (Ag Mag) addition!  Finally we went to learn how to make butter from heavy whipping cream by just shaking it in a closed container!  Then we ate our butter on grain crackers!  Next we got ready for lunch, yes it was that much that fast!  After lunch we took our blue prints for our personal flying devices to the maker space and we brought to life the ideas on our papers.  Then off to music.  After music we celebrated Layne's summer birthday while we watched an interview with a real astronaut.  So when people think teaching is done.... I say you're not at the right school, here we are using every min. to grow our brains!

Just a Deck of Cards

Well this post is very specific.  Unlike my normal ramble to stumble on a thought, today I am writing about some amazing learning that both surprised and excited me.  My students are winding down and getting towards the end of the school year.  They are very energetic and can be restless.  That being said, a week ago my small idea became an exciting adventure.  We had a challenge to build a house of cards.  Each day there were specific rules.  I was blown away by the collaboration, conversation and motivation to do well. The video is a slide show of our challenge, a few buddy reading pictures snuck into my challenge video at the beginning.