Saturday, April 23, 2016

I Teach My Heroes!

Well I haven't posted in a while.  With state testing, spring break and end of year rushing upon me I had been putting writing to the back of my mind.  So many things have been popping up as inspirations I finally need to take the time to stop and just get the pen to paper.  

So, I received a really cool t-shirt from  my husband and when I wore it had tons of comments. Some cheesy but some people also saw the thought behind it. The shirt read "Most People Only Dream About Meeting Their Heroes, I Teach Mine!" There was a lot to say in that shirt.  What would happen if educators stopped looking at our clientele as "students" but instead we see them as our " future heroes"?  By thinking this way we change our way of approaching the hard times. Instead of letting the frustration of behavior, grades, homework, test scores, and all of the daily grind get to you; instead look at those hard times as opportunities to mold the heroes of the future.  Show them how to make better choices, explain why we do things a certain way, reason with them to teach patience, and encourage them to be a copycat of good habits they witness. 
This week we will start our ABC countdown to the end of the year.  Instead of counting down the days until we are done or get out of here, I am asking my kids to count how many days we have to learn as much as we can until we have to learn on our own through summer.  This keeps their excitement up so they will be encouraged to continue learning through the end of year and on through summer. Then it also puts a positive spin on the countdown.  We updated the days to meet the newer technology uses. For example we have A day, in the past it has been Animal Facts Day or ABC order day.  This year it is App Day.  Throughout the day we will learn a new app, play an app of choice, vote and graph our app of the year, and come up with an app we would create if we could and what we would use it for.  There are 29 days left to learn as much as we can from first grade, my class is going to use each moment to maximize our learning potential! Climb out of the negativity friends and find a way to have fun, be excited, and encourage your heroes of tomorrow!