Saturday, March 19, 2016

Can I Really Make a Difference?

Well it is Saturday night and I am sitting to reflect on the last month.  I have been busy doing so much and just like everything else when you are busy going in all directions you don't get to stop and see the good. I spoke to a colleague this week and voiced that I felt like I can't make a difference.  I get so caught up in the fine details that I sometimes can't see the big picture.  It got me wondering...Am I making a difference?  We give so much and sometimes we can't see the light in the darkness, that is when we have to remember that we have to be the light to help others find their way. Tonight I am reflecting on the good.  Tonight I am going to stop and see if there are a few things that I can shine some light on. So I shall dig in my heart and see what I can find. In the last month I have watched the "I think I can " speech team of our state push past the biggest teams and win on a one to one level. I have watched a student who could not pass a spelling test get a 100% for the first time.  I saw a child give a speech on a habitat and leave me speechless at how amazingly knowledgeable he was.  I witnessed a child with a stutter and lisp successfully speak for three minutes straight forgetting his speech issues as he read about something that excited him. I heard a child tell another that he had the best teacher ever and was talking about me.  I got a letter from a child thanking me for teaching them to read. I got a hug from a child who said they waited to tell me to kiss my brain because I was doing some good thinking.  I was thanked by 24 first graders for showing them a new creating app.  I was asked if I could stop to take a selfie with a student who then used a new app to send the selfie to me.  I watched a group of boys talk through a problem and find a solution, the same group of boys who argued who got the next turn until they were yelling at the beginning of the year.  I heard a student say hey wait I forgot something, and then turn around to run back to tell me thank you for the new reading book I passed out. I had a student tell me that I was awesome and their hero.  So when I start to think that I can't make a difference I need to stop looking at the things that don't matter but remember the important things, the students.  They are why I do what I do.  I may not be able to fix all the wrongs on the state wide scale, but I can make a huge difference in the moment of at least one child each day.  Those moments add up and at the end many moments will make a huge impact.  I think I will thank my kids on Monday for making a difference for teachers by showing us all they do learn.