Saturday, January 2, 2016

A New Perspective
The new year begins fresh, all baggage can be dropped at the door and then take a step into the new, untainted year. I look around at the goals my students set all the way back in August.  I see accomplishments that all of the children in my classroom have already reached.  I want to raise the bar, not because I have to, or the state says so, or that there is an evaluation tied to the goal, but because I am a teacher.  I want to push them to set a new goals, to reach higher than they thought they could do.  This is the best time of first grade.  1/2 of the school year has almost passed us by and I am ready to read with them to see the growth.  They will decide where we go from here.  My personal goals are to continue reflecting on my blog, bring excitement and a stress free environment to learn everyday from my students, and to bring something cool each day to push the thinking and creating level in my room. Problem solving is my new year focus. Present a problem on Monday. Give some time to think.  Tuesday collaborate a solution.  Wednesday try it out. Thursday reflect on why it was successful or what is another way to attack it.  Documenting in a journal they can go back to record ideas that come to them later. The idea may sound simple, but it is a stretch for me, to break out of my routine and look at thinking in a new way.  I am pushing my boundaries and realizing that my comfort and stretch may be completely different than anyone else.  I also realize that is ok.  My students do not all accelerate at the same speed and intensity  so why should educators that are also learners be any different?

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